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Building Brand Experiences

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Building brand experiencesis is powerful. Executives who are responsible for the world’s most powerful brands know that brand experiences provide a route to retaining brand relevance.

But knowing how to start and structure brand experience building initiatives is difficult. It’s a challenge we see many senior executives face. Our book, Building Brand Experiences: A Practical Guide to Retaining Brand Relevance, solves that problem.

This book will help you to understand the challenges of delivering a cohesive and compelling brand experience. It will equip you with practical solutions that will help your brand to retain relevance through the experiences it builds and ultimately to drive brand performance.

Claire Cronin, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Atlantic

Darren Coleman demystifies the process of building brand experiences through digestible, bite-size chapters, and he writes in an accessible and engaging style that even the most experienced senior marketers will appreciate.

Colette Murad, Vice President, Senior Communications Manager, Barclays

Darren Coleman offers a comprehensive and highly practical roadmap that illuminates and inspires. Following his principles and guidance will help firms design and deliver powerful brand experiences to ensure long-term relevance and profitability.

Kevin Lane Keller, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Absolutely the best guide to successfully managing brand experience.

Barbara Meneghini, Head of Corporate Customer Relationship Management at Tod’s Group

The book is an excellent all-in-one primer for today’s digital entrepreneur. It contains a delightful guide full of case studies from different industries for those of us who want to widen their brand experience of our best companies.

Mert Dorman, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Distribution Channels, Turkish Airlines

Building a successful brand doesn’t happen overnight! If you want insight on how to do this from conception to launch, strong performance in the market and reputation building – this is the book for you.

Steve Profit, Global Sales & Marketing Director, Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S

This is a must-read for senior marketing executives who want to realise the full potential brand experiences can deliver to their organisation.

Professor George Christodoulides, Birkbeck, University of London

Based on 20 plus years of global branding experience and extensive research, Building Brand Experiences is structured around the Brand Experience Blueprint. This proprietary and intensely practical management tool guides the reader through the process of building brand experiences in three simple and intuitive steps:

  • The Brand Experience Environment.
    The context your brand experiences are built within: Understanding stakeholders; Fine-tuning your perspective; Considering the mechanics of delivery; and Adopting a data-driven approach.
  • The Brand Experience Essentials.
    The blocks your brand experiences are built on: Brand values; Brand essence; Brand promise; Brand positioning; and Brand personality.
  • The Brand Experience Enablers.
    The tools that bring your Brand Experience Essentials to life: Design; Communications; and Employee Behaviour.


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The toolkits

A number of ‘Practical Toolkits’ accompany Building Brand Experiences.

These are a suite of tried-and-tested tools, techniques and templates that will help you start building brand experiences by yourself or with your team(s). These Toolkits have been developed over the years and they are used extensively in the Brand Experience Bootcamps we deliver around the world. These include:

  • Building your brand experience business case
  • Stakeholder profiling and engagement 
  • Defining your brand values
  • How to work more closely with Human Resources colleagues
  • Measuring brand experiences holistically and scientifically

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To help our clients learn more about brand experiences and to get the most out of Building Brand Experiences we deliver a number of training “Bootcamps”.  These range from our one-day Baseline Brand Experience Bootcamp through to our five-day Leadership Brand Experience Bootcamp:

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