Brand Strategy Masterclass: Dubai (18-20 November 2018)

By 11th December 2018News
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For the second time in a month Dubai was calling. This time around it was to deliver our three-day Brand Strategy Masterclass to participants that had travelled from as far afield as China and Vietnam. Good times.

Our Brand Strategy Masterclass is aimed squarely at senior executives who want to define, develop and deliver brand strategy with greater confidence and conviction. It’s not an entry-level course, with participants being expected to have a good understanding of brand so we can dive into the detial – straight away.

Two of the participants had travelled from NAPAS, Vietnam. NAPAS is a really interesting brand that facilitates cashless payments across Vietnam. They compete with the likes of MasterCard, Visa and AmEx. No mean feat.

Ms. Pham Thi Huong Giang, Head of Business Development & Partnerships for NAPAS, noted:

“This branding Masterclass was really helpful to me. It completely fits my demand for a deep understanding of brand strategy. The presenter was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I can apply a lot to my current job.”

Wavelength’s Darren Coleman notes:

“During the three days of our Brand Strategy Masterclass we delve into a handful of key brand strategy issues such as brand experiences, measurement and analytics. The goal of this Masterclass is not just to share knowledge but to explain the rationale that informs that knowledge. For example, we explore why experiences are cherished by humans and why taking employee measures is so important when measuring brand experiences. Doing this helps participants explain the logic that informs their strategic decisions and so command more respect from colleagues. This is especially important for senior executives who need to be sure of their footing when it comes to making strategic decisions.”


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Photo by Fredrik Öhlander




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