Connecting with Customers & Consumers: Nottingham University Business School – Executive MBA

By 4th December 2017News

It was a pleasure to be back at Nottingham University Business School to deliver a session on customer centricity for their Executive MBA students.

Nottingham University Executive MBA

The Executive MBA students deep in thought…


The session provided practical tools and tips that would help the students to:

  • Profile target customers in nuanced and sophisticated ways
  • Appreciate the importance of brands connecting emotionally with customers
  • Build experiences which focused on helping customers get ‘jobs done’, i.e. achieve certain tasks.

Professor Caroline Tynan, who runs the marketing module on Nottingham’s Executive MBA, notes:

“Many thanks for a great session, Darren. Our Executive MBA course members were impressed with your background and experience and they enjoyed the presentation’s relevance to current marketing practitioner themes in their organisations. They got a lot out of the session in terms of conceiving customer profiles, especially those interactive parts where you challenged them to apply some of the ideas. All in all, a really useful part of their module.”

Reflecting on the session, Wavelength’s Darren Coleman outlines:

“I really enjoyed my time at Nottingham University Business School so I was delighted when Professor Tynan invited me to speak. The group were quick to engage with the ideas I was putting across and this provided a good platform for subsequent discussion. It never ceases to amaze me how many organisations have a woefully inadequate understanding of their customers. It’s beyond me how some survive. I think Nottingham’s MBA is spot on to place a focus on customers and consumers so early in the module. Developing this mentality will serve the students well.”

Why not learn more about Nottingham’s Executive MBA here? It’s a great course, in a fantastic spot. Highly recommended and as a student you’ll receive first rate lecture and support.


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