It was super nice to be back in the tropical heat of Kuala Lumpur to deliver our two-day Digital Brand Strategy Masterclass. This highly interactive workshop helps participants define and then express their brand through digital platforms in focused, relevant and engaging ways.

Based on our experience we find brand managers frequently try to swamp every digital platform. This is problematic because digital platforms come and go. The outcome is a brand that looks confused and lacks cohesion. Our Digital Brand Strategy Masterclass aims to help participants address this problem so they can focus their digital efforts with greater confidence and conviction.

Mr Shah Nawaz Asan Gany, Senior Communications Manager, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, attended the session and noted:

“I was absolutely impressed with the content, the relevance of the topic and the delivery style. Like most of us in the class, I approached this training with a fair bit of apprehension as Digital Branding Strategy is quite new to me taking into account my background as an engineer for the last 20 years. However, Darren’s extensive knowledge on the subject matter and simple style of delivery made it very easy to understand.

“I have definitely benefited from this training in terms of understanding how to structure a clear & concise digital brand strategy and build a consistent & cohesive brand experience using a broad range of digital tools.  I would highly recommend this training to all levels of Senior Management & Executives who are trying to create a unique brand experience for their products & services.”

Commenting on the two-day session, Wavelength’s Dr. Coleman outlined:

“It’s surprisingly common for brand managers to be like a ‘kid in a candy store’. They want to be on every digital platform or they think they’ll lose out. Ironically, less can frequently be more when it comes to digital.

“The key is to have a deep understanding of your target customer and your brand. Once you have done this you can assess which platforms are relevant to both as the basis for crafting conversations your community will engage with. If you don’t understand your customer and your brand, you’ll try to chase every customer on every platform. The result is a haphazard digital brand strategy that lacks focus.

“You can always tell a company that doesn’t understand its brand by reviewing its Twitter stream, Pinterest pins and so on. If they lack cohesion, it’s a sure bet they have not clearly defined their brand and the result tends to be disappointing brand performance.”

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