The bright lights of Dubai were calling so it was time to deliver our product launch marketing and brand positioning training programme. Designed with senior executives in mind, the four-day programme helps participants apply product and brand positioning best practice to their organisation in an interactive and applied way.

Participants from television, banking, credit cards and construction from across the Middle East attended the session. And what a fine bunch they were.

The Product Launch Marketing and Brand Positioning Canvas guides the four days. This is a proprietary and practical management tool we have developed and applied extensively with clients around the globe.

The goal of the Canvas is to help participants think strategically about product and brand in the context of their organisation’s strategy. Participants leave the training with an applied understanding of key product- and brand-related issues including:

  • Customer profiling
  • Optimising product portfolios
  • Maximising customer lifetime value
  • Building brand experiences
  • Optimising brand architecture
  • Utilising service design
  • Becoming more data-driven

Commenting on the programme, Wavelength’s Darren Coleman notes:

“A growing number of organisations realise they need to progress beyond functional product features when it comes to marketing strategy. As a result, understanding function and emotion through product and brand is a balance more organisations are looking to strike. Our four-day product launch marketing and brand positioning course helps participants find that balance.

“Given the seniority of participants, a particular emphasis is placed on adopting a data-driven approach to product and brand. This means strategic decisions are shaped by robust insight, not personal anecdote. Embracing a more scientific, data-driven approach to product and brand decisions goes a long way when it comes to giving senior marketers more influence and clout with the c-suite.”

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Photo by ZQ Lee


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