Product Launch Marketing & Brand Positioning: Dubai (5-8 November 2018)

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Product Launch Marketing & Brand Positioning Dubai November 2018

The glitz and glamour of Dubai were calling as participants from healthcare, gaming, property, pharmaceuticals, financial services, food and the public sector attended our Product Launch Marketing & Brand Positioning. Participants travelled from across the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Ghana.

The goal of the four-day programme is to guide participants through the process of launching products then positioning the brands associated with them. To do this we use our proprietary Product Launch Marketing & Brand Positioning Canvas to structure the four days and the sessions within them.

This is what some of the delegates had to say:

Head of Brand (property development firm), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“The four days are quite intense but very interactive. This keeps things challenging and helped me derive maximum value from the time I committed to the course.”

Managing Director (gaming brand), Ghana

“Overall, the course was well laid out and very clearly structured. This resulted in a systematic learning process that helped me acquire and apply a surprising amount of knowledge in four days.”

VP for Corporate Marketing (investment holding company) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“This was an advanced course that made product launch and branding sound easy.”

Reflecting on the four-day session, Wavelength’s Dr. Coleman notes:

“This is quite an advanced course because it lasts four days and weaves a variety of marketing topics such as segmentation, positioning, analytics, service design and measurement into one. Embracing so many marketing topics provides participants with a robust and rounded view on how to launch products and build brands.

“Whilst the word ‘product’ is included in the course title this doesn’t necessarily imply we focus on fast-moving consumer goods or other markets that sell physical products. If anything the course encourages participants to think about the brand experiences they can wrap around their products to deliver relevant points of difference.”

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