Wavelength invited to run sessions on MSc and Executive MBA programmes

By 11th December 2018News
The Nottingham University Business School

Nottingham University Business School is one of the most respected business schools in the UK and beyond so Wavelength’s Darren Coleman was chuffed when he was invited to deliver talks to the MSc and Executive MBA students.

Darren’s talk to MSc students highlighted the importance of creating an emotional connection with customers or other stakeholders when they interact with the brand through the experiences it builds. The Executive MBA session took a strategic perspective on the topics of customer profiling, the science of emotion and how brands can help customers get ‘jobs’ done in the context of brand experiences.

Dr Sally McKechnie, who leads the MSc Marketing Management module (and inspired Darren’s interest in services branding many moons ago!) notes:

“There is a growing recognition amongst marketing academics and practitioners of the importance of the experience economy and understanding not only customer experience but also brand experience. Darren shared his expertise with our MSc Marketing students by delivering a highly engaging and insightful workshop, which emphasised the importance of creating unique and memorable brand experiences for organisations to stand out in today’s marketplace.”

Reflecting on the session, Professor Caroline Tynan, who is responsible for the Executive MBA (and supervised Darren’s MA dissertation!) outlines:

“Darren’s session was both fun and challenging. He brings together cutting-edge practice with supporting theory focussing on current customer issues. His highly interactive approach offered practical tools and advice on techniques to profile customers and on how to make emotional brand connections with customers. Finally, he worked with the course members on how to build brand experiences which enable customers to get ‘jobs done’. Altogether a really useful contribution to the MBA course.”

Commenting on both sessions, Wavelength’s Darren Coleman notes:

“Nottingham University Business School is superb. It rightly deserves its accolades and standing of international repute. Every time I go back to Nottingham University Business School I see notable change and progress. It’s always pushing forward in terms of facilities, courses and the quality of academic research produced. Dr. McKechnie, Professor Tynan and other members of the Business School team have always been very good to me so it’s always a pleasure to be invited back.”

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