Isolated Talk on brand values – Samaritans Fundraiser.

By Wavelength Marketing5th June 2020June 15th, 2020News
isolated talk brand values

It was a pleasure and privilege for Wavelength’s Darren Coleman to contribute to this Samaritans fundraiser by donating an Isolated Talk on brand values. More specifically, Darren’s talk outlined five key points you need to take into account when crafting brand values.
The Samaritans do wonderful work so if you do enjoy my talk – and other talks hosted on the Isolated site please donate generously.

I realise these are trying times so I’m sure any contributions, no matter how small they are, will be warmly received. If you’d like to learn more about the work The Samaritans do please click here.

The talk provides practical advice on how you can go about creating great brand values. Great brand values have five characteristics. They are:

  • Unique
  • Specific
  • Active
  • Deliberate
  • Balanced

There are some really great Isolated Talks from the likes of Rory Sutherland, Rosie Yakob, Faris Yakob, Wiemer Snijders and Matt Watkinson to name a few. If you have time take a look here.

Well done to Giles Edward, Tommy Maso, Glenn Fisher & Matt Ballington for getting this off the ground. It’s such a wonderful idea and has been very well supported. Top job guys.

I hope we get the chance to meet in person someday. The beers, or possibly a beer, is on me d;-)

To watch this and other videos please head over to our YouTube channel.


isolated talk brand values

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