Product Launch Marketing & Marketing Strategy: Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

By 14th September 2015November 15th, 2016News

It’s been a while since we were in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with BUPA so it was a pleasure to spend time with the management team of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) working on a range of strategic marketing issues encompassing customer profiling, brand experiences, customer lifetime value and marketing metrics.

Two training sessions were delivered. One focused on Product Launch Marketing whilst the other looked at Marketing Strategy.

Commenting on the Marketing Strategy Masterclass, Mr Mohannad Alshiha, Marketing Analyst at STC, notes:

“I liked the exercise that we did for the customer as well as the product. I also liked the brand part which was new learning for me. I really appreciated the professional job Dr Coleman did and hope to work with him again.”

Ibrahim Almogren who looks after Digital Marketing at STC outlines:

“This was a very important course for understanding the science & essence of brands. The structure Darren has solid communication skills in transferring such precious knowledge using practical exercises and linking with relevant examples. Highly recommended for brands fanatics or any professionals in the marketing field.”

Wavelength’s Darren Coleman delivered the session and notes:

“It was quite nostalgic to work with the Saudi Telecom team given my involvement with Orange UK and Orange Group many moons ago. With technological convergence and the pursuit of seamless customer experiences irrespective of the data bearer being used, telecom incumbents are now starting to lock horns with big technology companies. The likes of IBM, Hewlett Packard and General Electric have incredibly powerful brands, so it will be interesting to see how telecoms brands like STC compete or even collaborate with these organisations going forward.”

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  • I’m a PhD student and working on assignment on marketing strategy for telecom company and very interested if you could send me some documents on STC marketing strategy taking out confidential data.

    • Wavelength Marketing says:

      Hi Mustafa. Thanks for your note. I’m afraid it’s not possible to share information that we’re obtained from clients during the course of our work. However, if you take a good look at STC’s online presence I’d like to think this will help. All the best with your PhD and do keep in touch.

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