BBC Radio Speak to Wavelength’s Darren Coleman about “Brand Britain” Going Ballistic. Listen to the Interview Here…

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Britain Brand Marketing

Darren was invited to speak on BBC radio today. He was asked to give his views on “Brand Britain” going ballistic.  Here’s the recording (apologies the quality is not so great).

Dr Darren Coleman Wavelength Marketing_Cashing in on Brand Britain_3rd May 2012


Why were the BCC interested in this topic? Well, 2012 is a big year for Britain’s brand marketing folk. The equation goes like this:

Queen’s Jubilee + 2012 Olympics + Euro Football = British Brand Marketing Overdrive

The examples are everywhere;  washing liquidtissuesnappiesnippers’ pants and even baby leg warmers for aspiring young Jack the lads.  Even the poor old Brummie Bull Ring Bull hasn’t escaped a Brand Britain make over.

Do you agree with what Darren had to say? We’d love to hear your views……

BLOG UPDATE (17th May 2012). Interesting to see that Waitrose is profiting from its international sales by capitalising on brand Britain…. 

There’s Money in Brand Britain….

 Source: Waitrose Weekend Magazine, 13th May 2012

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