Brand Strategy Masterclass: Bangkok; Thailand

By 12th September 2015News

For the first time we took our Brand Strategy Masterclass to the bright lights of Bangkok. Participants from airline, e-commerce & food sectors from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia attended the two day session.  The smaller group meant we could delve into more of the detail.

Ms. Kher Yin from YF Asia (Wavelength’s training partner) notes:

“Darren is our Brand Marketing “sensei” and has helped us multiple times by providing invaluable courses throughout the Sout East Asia region. We’re very happy with the feedback we received as all our participants express their satisfaction with Darren’s knowledge and presenting style. I look forward to working together again with Wavelength Marketing on subsequent brand training!”

Reflecting on the session, Darren Coleman outlines:

“I’ve always been a big fan of brand marketing in Thailand. The Thais know how to pull the heart strings like few other nations.  ‘Sanuk’ is also core tenet of Thai culture so a bit of sarcasm and fun can always be expected. The group didn’t disappoint on both fronts.

“The two-day Masterclass is guided by our proprietary Brand Strategy Canvas™. This Canvas takes delegates through the process of defining, developing and then delivering their brand with a focus on emotionally charged brand experiences. Our Canvas provides participants with a branding blueprint they can refer to at a later date when it comes to building new or refining existing brands.

“Even though I have worked in brand for a while, one company in particular fascinated me. It’s called Oishii (meaning ‘tasty’ in Japanese) and they have created around 220 pseudo Japanese restaurants along with a very profitable range of food and beverages. Even though local Thais know they’re not authentically Japanese, that doesn’t matter. It’s the interest and intrigue or affiliation with the Japanese experience that makes the brand magnetic. Amazing.”

Enjoying some downtime chat with the group over afternoon coffee:

Top group. Great fun. Thank you.  ขอขอบคุณ

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