Personal Branding Masterclass: Warwick Manufacturing Group (November & December 2018)

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Personal Branding Masterclass Warwick Manufacturing Group

It was great to be back at Warwick Manufacturing Group to deliver our Personal Branding Masterclass for Students – for the third and fourth time in 2018. Based on our Personal Branding for Executives Masterclass, the student-focused flavour aims to help students enhance their employability via their personal brands.

During the day students explore their values, articulate the benefits they can deliver to potential employers and establish how they are different from other applicants. The day ends with a fun and interactive role play that helps the students put their ideas into action.

The day is structured around our proprietary Personal Branding Canvas, which guides participants through the process of building a personal brand. Each stage of the Canvas contains a suite of practical tools and templates that help participants apply the ideas being introduced.

This is what some of the participants had to say:

“This Masterclass provided me with lots of useful information about the real world.”

“We followed a very logical process. Easy to follow.”

“Darren introduced this new topic to me. Now I realise how I can build my personal brand and why it is essential.”

“I now feel I have some practical tools to help me prepare for interviews.”

“I never thought of my personal brand as an asset, but Darren helped me realise this and guided me on how to use my personal brand for interviews.”

“I feel like I’ve learnt something very useful for the future.”

“This was a really useful course. Thank you!”

“I now feel really motivated to think about my personal brand and use the tools that were introduced to me today. Thank you a lot!”

“The teacher was really kind to explain the knowledge.”

“Lots of opportunities to communicate and exchange ideas and opinions with the tutor.”

“It was a practical approach.”

“The class atmosphere was great.”

“The fact that a framework was provided which could be followed was great.”

What happening? Surely, learning about personal brands shouldn’t be this much fun d;-)

Konstantina Dee, Careers and Employability Skills, Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, outlines:

“Darren has been running Wavelength’s Personal Branding Masterclass for Students at WMG for several years now. We always receive great feedback. The students really appreciate Darren’s experience and his practical delivery style means they can put the ideas he introduces into action straight away.

More specifically, Wavelength’s Personal Branding Masterclass enables students develop a greater understanding of their personal values and develop a sense of where they would like to take their careers in the short and medium term. This helps our student put their best foot forward when it comes to approaching employers at careers fairs, applying for jobs and more importantly during the interview process.”

Darren Coleman, who ran the Masterclass, notes:

“The inspiration for our Personal Branding Masterclasses came from an investment banking client who wanted middle and senior management behaviour to align more closely with the overreaching brand strategy. Since that time we’ve delivered our Personal Branding Masterclass to other executives, academics and students in the UK and beyond.


“Employability skills are becoming an increasingly important part of what universities offer to students. But it’s common for students to think that their cover letter, CV or LinkedIn profile is their personal brand. This is an oversimplification because a CV and such like are merely tools that can be used to express a personal brand. Our Personal Branding Masterclass for students helps participants understand this subtle but important distinction so they have the edge over their competitors when trying to land their dream job.”


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