Interview with Jorgen Sundberg, Social Media Marketing Expert

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Recently, I managed to catch up with social media marketing guru Jorgen Sundberg over a cup of coffee at Link Humans (his company) office in Covent Garden, London. Jorgen has been working in social media for some time now. As a thought leader in the social space, he frequently speaks at social media events and works with clients such as Adecco, Plan UK and Smurfit Kappa.  As a ‘marketing’ person I was keen to explore how social media helps companies enhance their marketing strategy.

So Jorgen, tell me about how become involved with social media?

My background is in recruitment, I was a director at a European technology recruitment company and most of my success was down to using LinkedIn and other online tools to beat the competition to the best clients and candidates. I realised that social media will change how business is conducted in many industries and decided to make it my full time job.

 Everywhere I go everyone is talking about social media and marketing. How does social media help businesses with their marketing today?

It’s where it all starts. Long gone are the days of press releases, now it’s a blog post and broadcast to the various social media outposts of a company. In the recruitment world there are solid examples of companies saving thousands of pounds off hiring through social media instead of job boards or agencies.

 Are businesses tending to use social media more for B2B or B2C and does it tend to vary by sector?

They all use social media but the channels vary. Facebook is very useful for consumer brands for instance, look at Red Bull who have 20 million fans on their Page. If you are in a B2B environment you’re better off using LinkedIn to reach clients, most lawyers, accountants and financial companies do this.

How are the most effective businesses using social media as part of their marketing?

They see social media as the core of their strategy, where it’s blended with all other forms of marketing such as press, television, direct mail etc.

Do you feel most businesses really understand how to use social media as part of a wider marketing strategy?

Not at all. I see companies going all out on social media without having a strategy – this is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Before long they will start questioning why they don’t see enough returns, they will quit and think social media is not for them.

How can businesses maximise the marketing benefit from social media?

They have to go back to their marketing strategy and look at what they are selling, why it’s unique, whom they are selling it to and what message they will put out. This is a classic methodology that every company should be doing whether they are on social media or not.

What are the biggest problems you see with regards to business and social media and how would you overcome them?

Again, it’s not having a strategy. Whilst you do learn lots from the trial’n’error approach, it’s not advisable for a business that is looking to grow.

What are the most exciting opportunities businesses should consider with regards to social media and developing a marketing strategy?

I think it’s the fact that you can reach out to completely new markets and sell outside of your network. All it takes is for one tweet to go viral and your company could be swarmed with enquiries.

What’s the one thing you miss about Sweden?

The space! Living in London doesn’t give you much space apart from the parks of course.

What’s worse in England. Food or the weather?

I like my pub grub and the weather isn’t really that bad in England. The worst thing about the English is that they moan about their own country 🙂

Jorgen will be running a Social Media Marketing Strategy workshop in London on July 13th with Dr. Darren Coleman.

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