Misha B: The Personal Brand The British Public Didn’t Identify With?

By Wavelength Marketing5th December 2011November 10th, 2016blog

The X-Factor. It’s all a bit too much. I’ve been roped into watching a few episodes with friend’s or when friend’s girlfriends take the liberty of commandeering my TV. Viewing under duress if you will.


Misha B was given her P45 from the show yesterday. I was surprised. It struck me as a rather odd decision. Misha B seemed to be the most talented vocalist on the show by quite some way. She had an eclectic style that should resonate with today’s  youth. Soulful with an urban / hip hop feel. Record labels – ka-ching!

So what went wrong? It’s got to be her personal brand.

People didn’t connect with her. People didn’t identify with her. Whether it’s right or wrong my guess is her past was just too much of an issue (as Gary Barlow said). No matter what she said or did people just didn’t just buy into it. More precisely, they didn’t buy into her. They didn’t see her values as real or credible.  Despite the stunning voice, the trendy appearance, hip cross-over vocals and all the hullabaloo that goes with the X Factor she just didn’t connect on an emotional level with the British viewer. There was something the British public just didn’t like. At the other end of the scale you have Kelly Rowland. People just like her. She’s real and credible. People can connect and identify with her and her values. It just all works as a brand.

So what’s the point? For those trying to develop their personal brand it’s crucial you’re authentic. You need to be credible and aware of what has gone before you. The past affects the present. This is even more the case in today’s social-driven world where there’s no where to hide.  So, we all need to take care or, as harsh as it sounds, your personal brand just won’t get off the ground.

However, all’s not lost. Just as with other brands personal brands can reposition themselves. Al Gore, Sebastian Coe, Lord Digby Jones are just a few examples of personal brands that have repositioned themselves very effectively . With Misha B’s talent, I wonder, just wonder if she’ll do the same ….

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