Wavelength Comment on Forbes: Multisensory experiences in retail

By Wavelength Marketing5th August 2019June 11th, 2020blog

It was a pleasure to be asked by Forbes columnist Pamela Danziger to comment on the use of multisensory in retail. The key is the appeal to all of the senses – in a way that brings your brand to life…

The full article on Forbes can be read here. 

The key points from the article:

  • Retailers may be overlooking their ability to engage shoppers’ human dimension through their five senses.
  • Academic research show shoppers engaged through all five senses in the store spend more time there and are more likely to make purchases.
  • There is a tendency for retailers to focus on one or two of the senses.
  • Brands need to think more holistically and bring their brand to life through all five senses.
  • Brands need to use experiences to trigger an emotional response.
  • Don’t go multisensory mad. Pilot, test and iterate.

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