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personal branding workshop warwick manufacturing group

It’s always very inspiring to head back to WMG to deliver our Building Your Personal Brand Workshop for Students. During these personal branding workshops,students take a step back to think about their brand and which prospective employers it is relevant to.

The objective of our personal branding workshop for students is simple – to help make students more employable. This entails students thinking about their values and which type of organisation those values are relevant to. We then think about how to bring those values to life via a series of fun and contextually relevant role-plays.

personal branding masterclass warwick manufacturing group

Values charades. Always a winner – once the rules are understood!

Konstantina Dee, Careers and Employability officer at WMG, notes:

“Darren’s workshops on personal branding are always popular with our Master’s students, who find them engaging and inspirational. Darren has a real way to work with international students and they feel valued and listened to, while challenged to start reflecting on their own personal brand. The interactive elements of the workshops are valued by students and they say they feel more confident about their own ability to build a successful personal brand after attending Darren’s workshop.”

Darren Coleman, who delivered the session on behalf of Wavelength, notes:

“We’ve been delivering personal branding workshops and masterclasses at WMG for several years now. They help students reflect on who they are, what benefits they can deliver to an organisation and how they are different from other applicants. Once we’ve addressed these key points, we then explore how various communications, design and behavioural tools can be used to bring these ideas to life.

“It’s very rewarding to see how students progress through the workshop as they develop and refine their personal brands. Students leave the workshop with a clearer picture of what their personal brand is and more importantly how it can be used as a tool to help them get a job or take that next career step.”

personal branding masterclass warwick manufacturing group

Some of the students leading the way.


personal branding masterclass warwick manufacturing group

One member of the group is looking a bit old to be a student…..

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