Our three-day Branding Masterclass shares a suite of practical tools and templates that help participants take a deep dive into the mechanics of building brand experiences. That’s quite a tall order for three days. But our Branding Masterclass is aimed at senior executives so we can move at a good pace.

Participants from the luxury, private equity, insurance and technology sectors attended the Masterclass. They’d travelled from Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the Maldives. Let the good times roll.


Our three-day Branding Masterclass is focused on application and explanation. The notion of explanation is important. It means the senior executives who attend this Masterclass can outline the logic that informs their decisions to their teams. As a result, participants can then lead brand-building programmes at their organisation with greater confidence and conviction.


brand training dubai

A modern-day masterpiece takes shape.

branding training dubai

The group getting busy with a brand values exercise. Top job.

Commenting on the session, Wavelength’s Dr. Coleman notes:

“Our three-day Branding Masterclass is aimed at senior executives who want to get a hands-on understanding of brand at a strategic level. This could be because the importance of brand has grown in their business or they have recently been given responsibility for brand. Either way, participants are experienced, international executives who need to obtain an advanced understanding of brand – quickly.

“The key difference between this Masterclass and other Masterclasses we run relates to the explanations provided. For example, we really get into the psychology of why a brand has values or the neuroscience of positioning. Adopting this approach means participants return to their organisation feeling more assured should a member want to learn more about the logic that underpins their brand. It also means participants are well placed to guide and mentor their teams through the brand-building process. This enables them to take a step back and focus on other strategic issues sooner than they would otherwise be able to do.”

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