[Spoiler alert: The client name cannot be divulged for confidentiality reasons.] The goal of the three-day product development and launch training was to facilitate a more effective approach to product development and launch. This was achieved by encouraging senior management participants to embrace a more scientific and holistic approach to developing and launching new products.

Wavelength’s proprietary Product Development Canvas was used to structure the three days. This practical management tool guides and structures participants’ thinking so their product development and launch is couched within the context of effectiveness – in other words – launching more successful products.

A particular emphasis was placed on understanding how various statistical techniques can be used to reduce exposure to product development and launch risk. The importance of identifying and engaging with key stakeholders throughout the product development and launch process was also highlighted. Taking these two steps helps organisations go some way to successfully developing and launching more products in a systematic and scalable way.

Commenting on the session, Wavelength’s Darren Coleman notes:

“I’ve been travelling to Saudi for around ten years now. Saudi is undergoing a number of very large changes and this trend shows no sign of slowing. These changes have created a number of opportunities for financial services brands across a spectrum of segments.

“On the final day the participants presented new product development ideas to a panel of senior executives. This can be a make-or-break moment for the trainer but I’m delighted to say all of the ideas were well received and a number of product proposals were born. That was great to see as it shows, in no uncertain terms, the value the training delivered.”

Note: A client comment was not available due to the confidential nature of this project.

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