The Apple iPad 2 (#iPad 2). Technically Amazing. Emotionally Charged?

By Wavelength Marketing4th March 2011November 10th, 2016blog

The new iPad 2 (#iPad 2) has just been launched in the States (expected in the UK around Jun 11). Thinner, lighter, more powerful, two cameras, cool cover… The list goes on. It’s amazing. Combined with Apple’s ‘bionic’ brand equity this device will undoubtedly set a tough benchmark for brands in this space.

The first iPad was launched about a year ago (April 10, UK….time flies?). It seems as if most people are just getting used to their iPads behaviourally and technically. A strong viral and conspicuous brand marketing effect is also taking root. The collective effect? The Apple brand is starting to have ‘mass market’ appeal.

So what? Well, branding is emotional. Emotions are fickle. Emotions should managed with care.  The iPad raises an interesting brand marketing question in this context.  Is Apple ‘over leveraging’ the emotional appeal of its brand through such short product life cycles?  In other words, could it be argued Apple is turning branding into a ‘dark art’ via relatively short product life cycles knowing Apple lovers will buy the product no matter what?

Now. The branding sceptics amongst you may be drawing parallels with the iPhone. It was launched without 3G (Nov 07, UK) when 3G telephony was widely available – for a 3G version to follow (July 08, UK). Similar principle in a different category? The principle being to drip feed functionality of an emotionally charged brand via relatively short product life cycles.

We’re not saying Apple doesn’t respect its customers. Far from it. But it’s an interesting brand marketing thought and we’d welcome your views…….

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  • Luci Rocha says:

    Well, if it all about making money then apple is taking advantage of having built a strong brand identity, or perhaps it just realised the Ipad was not so good first time round and decided to launch a new version before competitors did so with the improvements customers want to see. One thing is for sure…apple wants to make money and it s doing successfully by being ahead of the others, using emotional appeal or not 😉

  • Hi Luci, thanks for your comment…i guess the question is….do you think they’re taking advantage of that emotional appeal with their product launch strategy….?

    • Luci Rocha says:

      I believe they are! Otherwise there wouldn’t be people queuing up to store before product goes on sale just to get their hands on the apple latest gadget that haven’t even been tested by other people (iphone 4, ipad ). Apple emotional appeal is very strong indeed as it leads the customers believe they are “cool” just like the brand. Some customers may feel that if they want to be really “cool” they should definitely have the latest “coolest” gadget around. Yo can’t get more emotional than that can you?

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