Guest Post: How CIMB delivers against its brand promise

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Brands operate at a perceptive level. They create appeal, draw customers in, generate demand and plant expectations in customers’ minds that are largely driven through the promises made by the brand. The purpose of customer experience management is to make sure the organization can deliver on that promise.

To ensure this happens the key is to have the governance framework in place and apply a customer lens to product creation, process improvement, channel management, service design, communications, etc.

At CIMB we do this through our ‘3Es’, ie going the Extra Mile, making it Easy and Efficient. This represents a practical governance framework we apply that helps focus our approach to customer experience. As part of our 3Es framework we apply tools like customer journey mapping to identify the critical pain points to work on. The Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools are then applied to the business process re-engineering to deliver the customer and financial outcomes.

Capability building is an integral component of driving a continuous improvement culture in CIMB. So that we can continue to deliver against our brand promise, all employees are provided with a custom-designed Lean Six Sigma yellow belt online training tool. Participants of a customer experience project are further provided with more comprehensive Lean Six Sigma yellow and green belt trainings conducted by in-house black belt trainers.

By going beyond the superficial layer of customer experience implementation through using these tools and techniques, CIMB sustains its ability to deliver relevant experiences that win and keep customers, ultimately growing revenue and delivering long-term value for the business.


CIMB is ASEAN’s leading universal banking group, providing financial solutions to both retail and institutional customers.

[This article was written by Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah (pictured above), Group Chief Marketing Officer and Group Chief Customer Experience Officer, CIMB Group – ASEAN, as an “Expert Insight” for Building Brand Experiences.]


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