Strategic Branding: Executive Education at ISM, Vilnius, Lithuania.

By Wavelength Marketing17th May 2024July 10th, 2024blog, News

The two-day intensive program at ISM University of Management and Economics shared best practice brand building principles with leading executives from Lithuania, the Baltics and beyond.

ISM is a leading University in Lithuania, so it was a pleasure for Wavelength’s Darren Coleman to be invited back to deliver the two day executive level brand strategy course.

During the two days participants learned about principles of brand growth, the importance of emotion and how to measure brand performance scientifically. The goal was to equip participants with the latest, practical brand strategy knowledge that was underpinned by robust, empirical evidence.

The group spanned a variety of sectors including FMCG, telecoms, technology and logistics to name a few.

Darren has given a thought-provoking two-day training on brand management. Participants appreciated his evidence-based approach to brand growth and tips on how to consistently manage a brand.

Lineta Ramonienė, PhD, Associate Professor in Management Strategic Marketing Program Lead at the Executive School.

It was great to be back at ISM to deliver the strategic branding course. The final output was a short group-based brand strategy presentation where participants applied the ideas the course introduced. It was inspiring and interesting in equal measures to see the presentations which made for some lively debate and so enriched the collective learning experience.

Dr. Darren Coleman, Managing Consultant, Wavelength Marketing

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