Wavelength’s Darren Coleman Delivers online keynote at Fifteen Seconds

By Wavelength Marketing16th December 2021March 4th, 2022News
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Fifteen Seconds is one of those events that keynote speakers love to attend. It’s positioned as an event for curious minds. General themes/streams are suggested. Beyond that, the keynote speaker is free to choose their title/topic. Fifteen Seconds 2021 was held in person, but it was early days for post COVID-19 travel, so Wavelength’s Dr. Coleman delivered a pre-recorded keynote that was delivered on the big screen.

Darren Coleman’s keynote at the Fifteen Seconds Festival 2021 in Graz left our audience inspired. He delivered knowledge transfer as we like it: real-world ready and relevant. Highly recommended

Nino Groß, Partner & Director Communications, Fifteen Seconds

Fifteen Seconds is an event I’ve had my eye on for some time so when I was invited to deliver a keynote I jumped at the chance. Informed brand marketers consider goods / services brands as a matter of degree not absolutes. Embracing this mindset provides marketers with far more opportunities to distinguish their brand from competitors who may compete through price and functional features. It also paves the way for a more experiential mindset – which is where world class brands focus their efforts.

Dr. Darren Coleman, Wavelength Marketing

You can learn more about Fifteen Seconds here. Awesome event. 

If you’d like to book Dr. Darren Coleman for a keynote, please feel free to contact us.


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