Virtual Keynote: 2nd European Internal Communications Conference (December 2020)

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COVID-19 has increased the pace of digital transformation at many brands, but the importance of employees should not be overlooked as part of the process – especially when it comes to internal communications. This was the key point Darren made in his keynote: Digital internal communications and COVID-19: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

During his keynote, which was delivered as part of the 2nd European Internal Communications Conference, Darren stressed that digital needs to be kept in context as part of digital transformation so that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. In other words, you don’t forget about your employees.

Note: Due to technical difficulties on the day the PowerPoint was not recorded. Please email info@wavelengthmarketing.co.uk if you would like to receive a copy. 

Darren’s keynote also provided some practical advice on how senior marketers can find a balance between technology and human nature. This entailed considering employees’ feelings, crafting engaging stories, utilising humour and engendering a sense of belonging at your organisation when using digital technology for internal communications.


Dr. Darren Coleman, who delivered the keynote, noted:

Darren’s keynote was a great enrichment for the conference which focused on different areas of internal communication.

Understanding and the necessity of a balance between technology and human nature are fundamental for successful (internal) communication, especially in these times more relevant than ever. 

Digitalisation is an important aspect that needs to be further developed. In his keynote, Darren impressively explained how the implementation of digital communication can be successfully done. 

Désirée Böhm, Project & Event Manager / Editor at School for Communication and Management (SCM)

“When it comes to digital transformation the scales swing heavily in favour of the promised benefits the technology will bring in the form of scale and the associated cost savings.  

“However, one thing COVID-19 should have taught all marketers is the importance of understanding human nature and how persistent principles apply. That’s why I was keen to try and go back to basics by considering topics such as employees’ feelings, stories, humour and developing a sense of belonging. These are factors whose importance has not changed and so should not be overlooked as a result of COVID-19 when internal communications is used as part of digital transformation.”

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