Online Personal Branding Masterclass, Future Fest (WMG Careers Fair)

By Wavelength Marketing24th June 2021News
Future Fest University of Warwick Personal Branding

COVID-19 has presented students with uncertain and challenging times, but they are still in the driving seat when it comes to building their personal brand. This online session helped students start to build their personal brand with their career aspirations in mind.

The session encouraged students to reflect on their personal brands by focusing on their values, the benefits they deliver and positioning. Assessing how well their personal brand aligned with their target employer was the next task they undertook. The final part of the session entailed a series of light-hearted roles plays where students were encouraged to put the ideas introduced into action.

Just some of the WMG students that attending the session. What a great bunch.

The workshop was highly Informative today. I highly appreciate the content that you walked us, along with interactive team activities, and the work you do sound fascinating! I’d definitely like to stay up-to-date on your career.

Nilesh Bhandari  MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management

It was great have Darren back again to deliver his Personal Branding Masterclass for students – as part of WMG FutureFest, our annual Careers Fair. This time around Darren’s session was delivered online but his use of virtual breakout rooms and a whole host of other interactive tools meant students still got to apply the ideas that were introduced. We received great feedback and look forward to working with Darren again

Konstantina Dee, Careers and Employability Lead, Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick

Wavelength’s Darren Coleman delivered the session and notes:

From time to time, parts of the Masterclass can be a little bit uncomfortable for students. This relates to the moment when they may realise their values don’t align with their target employer. I’m delighted to say this was seen as a positive experience and a number of students left the session with a different perspective how they can use their personal brand to fulfil their career aspirations. It was really inspiring and encouraging to see this.”

You can find out more about Warwick Manufacturing Group and their courses here.


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