Understanding your target customer workshop: The Nottingham University Business School

By Wavelength Marketing16th January 2023June 9th, 2023News
Nottingham Uni MBA Hero

The University of Nottingham’s Executive MBA is incredibly well respected, so it was a privilege to be invited back to deliver a workshop to their mighty fine Executive education students. The workshop helped students develop new ways thinking in the context of customer understanding and insight. 

Darren has been a returning guest lecturer on my module, Executive MBA Marketing. While his session is highly engaging, it offers hands-on insight to Executive MBA students. His session on customer personas, derived from Darren’s industry knowledge and expertise, is insightful and practical; and provides different opportunities for the students to engage in ongoing discussions.

Dr. Amir Homayounfard, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Nottingham Business School.

“It can real be a challenge for senior managers and executives to articulate who their customer is in tangible and human terms. This creates all sorts of challenges in terms of brand building, emotional connection and helping customers get jobs done. These were just some of the points we touched on during the workshop. 

This was an especially interesting group as many of the participants worked in the public sector and healthcare. This enabled our conversation to have real focus and nuance with regards to exploring and addressing some of the challenges they faced.” 

Dr Darren Coleman, Wavelength Marketing

Learn more about University of Nottingham Business School here. 

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